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Introducing: Izabel – nothingbadwillhappen


August 21, 2021 by Lefutrewave

Tinted lights and intoxicating vocals spill out from beneath the bedroom doorframe of 19 year old Montreal based singer/songwriter Izabel. Her new single, nothingbadwillhappen, is out now. It has a rich, solid electronic sound that contrasts perfectly with the serene performance. While the atmosphere can be described as moody, listeners also gain perspective.

Izabel describes the track as follows: “nothingbadwillhappen is about being in that early stage of adulthood where you’re finally starting to understand how “the world works”, but aren’t happy with the truth. Being awakened to a whole new set of worries (making enough money to take care of yourself and potentially a family, paying taxes, political issues, etc). The fact that most adults don’t really know what they’re doing, so they pretend in order to seem more put together. And still when things go wrong, acting like everything is fine because what’s the alternative? Meanwhile, everyone’s eyes are on each other because they would much rather say something about someone else’s problems than confront their own.”

I value this production for its ability to bring together a multitude of themes and give audiences something that will provoke thought. nothingbadwillhappen is slated to appear on Izabel’s debut EP, scheduled for release in the near future.

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