The Shadowboxers Are Ready, and Not Just Because of Justin Timberlake - (via PLAYBOY)

Justin Timberlake’s name may have spangled marquees across the nation this past spring, but for 30 minutes each night of his Man of the Woods Tour, a Nashville trio called the Shadowboxers owned the arena. Decked in brightly colored streetwear and backed by a ripping rhythm section, keyboardist Matt Lipkins and guitarists Scott Tyler and Adam Hoffman would stomp, step and thrust in sync, belt three-part harmonies, stoke call-and-response and hold hands with women in the crowd while pumping out future-funked soul-pop. Openers though they were, they played like a megastar boy band, with an emphasis on “band”—if the group didn’t have such chemistry and chops, you’d guess some industry Svengali assembled and trained them for this moment........


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