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The Shadowboxers reflects on the past on "When You Were Mine"


August 7, 2021 by Tayo Odutola

Shortly after releasing the deluxe version of their LP, The Shadowboxers are back with another gem titled "When You Were Mine." The guitar-driven pop jam dives into the happy memories and the pain that comes with the reality that one can't live them anymore. Lead vocalist Scott Tyler Schwartz takes the reins and delivers an impassioned performance ripe with nostalgic melodic runs and heartfelt lyrics that touch the soul. He gives listeners a glimpse into the good times shared with his former lover with striking details with pained emotions.

"When You Were Mine" is quite a trip and bridges the worlds of alternative rock, pop, and a dash of soul somewhere in the middle section of the song where it breaks down into a soft groove. The song is not attached to any project so we just have to see what the guys have up their sleeves as time progresses.

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