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The Shadowboxers share deluxe version of 'The Slow March Of Time Flies by' LP


July 23, 2021 by Tayo Odutola

After popping up on our radar with their reworking of a Bee Gees classic and dropping their LP The Slow March Of Time Flies by in 2020, The Shadowboxers now return with the deluxe version of the project.

The updated project is made up of 22 tracks comprised of five new tracks, extended versions, and remixes. Some stand-out tracks include "A Feeling That You're Leaving," "Melody" and "Forever." "A Feeling That You're Leaving," is a somber and reflective song about discovering several cracks in a relationship and knowing there might not be a way to remedy the situation, the record is bolstered by its warm production from the pulsating bassline, crispy drum grooves and slick guitar plucks which rise on the chorus section. Led by frontman Scott Tyler Schwartz who pours every atom of emotion on the record, he gives listeners a glimpse into a somewhat hopeless predicament as a man who watches how his love life withers away albeit slowly. "Melody" has a modern pop sound with its smooth dreamy textures and chilling reflective chorus that borders along with nostalgia and longing for love. "Forever" is a mid-tempo and bright record that delivers a relatable tale of being neck-deep in love and basking in the euphoria for eternity. Other tracks include stripped-down versions of "I can't stop thinking about you" and "Running down my life" where the vocals and a one-piece instrument serve as the main elements. The title track also gets a remix by December Roses who strays from the retro-pop sound of the original and goes for a lo-fi, experimental arrangement.

The project is packed and delivers in full with the extra records, remixes, and an unreleased demo that fans could just rock with until the band returns with a new project. In the interim, this 22 track body of work will suffice.

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